Clivia miniata – Megan x Vico Yellow


This listing is for one Clivia miniata plant  – Small, compact Orange.

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This listing is for one Clivia miniata plant – Megan x Vico Yellow.

This plant has flowered and it was orange. The seeds were from Dries Oliver (now deceased) in South Africa. I don’t think it is Conway’s Megan. I am guessing Megan was Group 2 Yellow which is why this cross are all orange. It is a big strong plant with 2 offsets.


Due to the loss of a shadehouse in the recent severe storms in Melbourne, space is suddenly very scarce so a large number of plants will be offered for sale at discounted prices. Most of these plants are mature or near mature but have not flowered yet, or may have just flowered once. I am not guaranteeing colours but will list the colours of the parent plants and what outcomes may be expected.

Sorry I can only post to Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

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